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Pinterest Crafts: Fun and Therapeutic


When you’re feeling down, there’s nothing quite like creating something special. We all love that positive rush of gathering the materials, getting your project organized, and giving it shape with your own two hands. When times are hard, we can lift our spirits with engaging1...

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Achieving Greatness as a Widow

Coping with Grief, Celebrating, Widows

It’s a beautiful experience to find the love of your life. Whether you had only a short time with them, or a lifetime, it is a fulfilling relationship that we hope everyone can experience. Unfortunately, it is the nature of this world that even the most loving human relationships1...

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Spring Cleaning: 8 Ways to Improve Your Life Emotionally

Coping with Grief, Miscellaneous


This time of year brings to mind the tradition of spring cleaning. But our homes aren’t the only place in need of a thorough scrubbing. This spring, give your mental health and disposition the attention they deserve. Here are some helpful pointers. If you’d like to make the1...

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Celebrate Your Name Week



This week we celebrate something near and dear to everyone: our own names. Both gifted and inherited, our names often travel with us throughout our lives. Have you considered the meaning of the names you bear? There is a wealth of information available, and much of it is free1...

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The Simple and Free Gift of Kindness

Miscellaneous, Kindness


The world can be a dark and lonely place, but it doesn’t have to be. We all have within us the means to have a positive impact on other people. It’s easier to get caught up in our day to day responsibilities, but with a little effort, we can live a life of kindness.

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How to Set Goals for Yourself

Miscellaneous, Goals

We’ve already discussed the benefits of setting goals and working toward them. Today we’re taking a look at the nuts and bolts of actually setting goals. Getting off to a good start in making goals will make it easier to achieve them. Let’s get started!

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6 Ways to Support a Widow on Valentine’s Day

Caring for Those Who Grieve, Holidays

Widows are a precious part of any community. Regardless of the length of time since their loss, holidays can be a difficult time. This is especially true with a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day. Do you know any widows in your life? This February, show them how much you care.1...

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8 Reasons Why You Should Start Knitting

Goals, Hobbies, Knitting

Knitting has always been positive, constructive activity. But, in recent years, its popularity has skyrocketed. A third of women between the ages of 25 and 35 currently knit or crochet. What is it about this hobby that attracts so many people? If you’re not already involved,1...

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5 Reasons to Set Goals for Yourself

Miscellaneous, Goals

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Why You Should Celebrate Hunt for Happiness Week

Miscellaneous, Celebrating


You did it! You made it through Christmas and into the New Year, and that isn’t always easy. If you’re feeling down, you’re not alone. This is a difficult time for many people, which is why the Secret Society of Happy People celebrates the Hunt for Happiness Week every January.1...

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