The Power of Preplanning


(Senior Link Magazine Feature Article)
By Laura Landes

Every day I am deeply invested in the lives of families who have lost their loved ones, due to an unexpected event or after a lengthy journey of illness and despair. No matter the circumstances that led to this loss, the result is life altering in so many ways. The overwhelming magnitude of irreversible choices that must be made in a very small window of time, sparks an avalanche of costly, emotional decisions for the surviving family members. Sometimes overcompensation is a result of their own pain and sadness and the longing to show how much they care. 



Throughout my years as the Embalmer and Restorative Artist at Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers, I have personally witnessed the devastating impact, both emotionally and financially, the arrangement process has on the family after a death has occurred. As a Preneed Specialist, I have come to understand this hardship can be alleviated with a minimal amount of time and effort as I have seen with so many families whose loved ones took the time to plan for the ones they love. It is the result of these cumulative experiences from both sides that prompted me to preplan for my own services and made me realize what a beautiful gift this truly is. 

Making plans in advance will protect your family emotionally, make your final wishes known to them and erase any doubt they may have as to the decisions they would be forced to make. As a parent this is especially important to me, as I, like the majority of parents, have spent my entire life trying to protect my children. Upon my death, rather than being plagued by a multitude of decisions, they will be free to simply celebrate my life. 

In addition, while preplanning will protect my family emotionally, prefunding has also insured that I am protecting them financially. Knowing that my children will not have to use my life insurance for my end of life expenses, brings me comfort. Through the purchase of my preneed agreement, I have locked in the price on the services and merchandise I selected and I am guaranteed that my children will not be faced with the weight of that responsibility. Likewise, this gives me peace of mind. As a funeral professional, it is my duty and obligation to educate others about the power of preplanning, but as a parent and a child, I have come to appreciate it. 

Because our current situation has prompted many to recognize the necessity for having a plan in place, we are currently offering $1,000 off our Prearranged Burial and Cremation Services. Please note that this offer does not apply to imminent or at-need situations.

If you are ready to proceed to the next step and would like to claim this offer, please click "Accept My Offer". By putting your information and your wishes in writing, you are taking massive action to ease the burden on your family down the road.

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