Responding to an Active Shooter: A Very Important WISE Workshop


Copy of LRC Blog Feature Image (2)Our Current Reality

The United States is reeling from too many horrific mass shootings. In El Paso, TX, right here - our neighbors- dozens have died, and even more are injured. Fear levels are high. Grief is high. Despair is high. How can ordinary people live in a world like this?

What can we do? Care.

First, we can care for those who are hurting. It might not be possible to directly care for a victim in El Paso or Dayton or Gilroy. But those around us are hurting too. They're afraid. They're stressed. They're unsure what to do. This is when community matters! Turn to each other and care for one another. Support one another in talking through grief, mourning, stress, and fears. Encourage one another, lifting each other up out of despair. Simply, be kind to one another.


What can we do? Take action.

Secondly, take action. Whatever your views, exercise your rights to vote. Participate in your communities to enact the changes you want to see.

Copy of LRC Blog Feature Image (1)What can we do? Prepare.

Before these awful shootings took place, we planned to have a W.I.S.E. workshop hosted by a Lubbock Police Department officer on what a citizens response to an active shooter should be. Now more than ever, this workshop is needed.

There are life-saving measures that can be taken to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you in critical situations. Being prepared and proactive rather than blind-sided and reactive can mean the difference between life and death.

Join us as Corporal Sam Reedy with the Lubbock Police Department provides crucial, and potentially life-saving, training for situations such as these.

More information and RSVP available on our Facebook Event Page




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