Addressing Your Covid-19 Concerns

Being innovators in the death care industry, we have been dealing with infectious diseases for many years. Let’s face it, individuals do not end up in our care because they are well. The best scenario one can hope for is a “natural death” due to the aging process, but unfortunately, this is often not the case. Battling conditions such as HIV, C-diff, Hepatitis A, B, and C, Ebola, SARS, MRSA, and many other conditions requiring isolation, have presented their fair share of challenges throughout the years. 

Embalmers and “Restorative Artists” are responsible for ensuring their own safety, as well the safety of surviving family members and friends, who will continue to be in contact with their loved ones throughout the duration of end-of-life services. While not every pathogen can survive without a living host, some can and will continue to thrive. Because of this, Lake Ridge Chapel has always taken extreme disinfection measures to provide a safe environment for loved ones to receive the closure they need through the viewing process, in order to begin their healing journey.

Although we have been practicing these measures for years prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, we feel that it is important to address these issues with our community, given the current situation, in order to ease the minds of those who may have some concerns during this time.

Every loved one that comes into our care, no matter the choice of disposition or level of preparation required, undergoes a disinfection process. Because a “Family Viewing for Identification” is part of our Cremation with Confidence protocol, even those choosing cremation will receive this same level of care. Therefore, although “touching and kissing” the deceased loved one is not recommended according to the CDC and the NFDA, it is completely safe to be in the same room and to stand beside your loved one, once this process has been completed. 

Initially, Carpet Tech assisted us in the disinfection of our entire building using Prokure1, a chemical agent that has been scientifically proven to eliminate bacteria and viruses of any kind. However, we needed to implement a plan of action that could be executed multiple times a day, so we implemented a new, innovative technological advancement known as Electrostatic Disinfection. This safe, eco-friendly system releases a mist containing antibacterial and antiviral droplets with an “electromagnetic change” that allows them to wrap around surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, allowing for a deeper disinfection of all frequently contacted areas.

Given our current situation, many people feel a need to postpone celebrating the life of their loved one. However, through our advanced technological capabilities, we have been able to modify every ‘vital component’ of a traditional celebration, allowing for virtual access to every aspect. Unfortunately, life goes on and a celebration that is put off for a later date may never come to fruition. Families should not be deprived or refrain from beginning the healing process due to our current situation. Fortunately, we have been live-streaming our services since 2007. In addition to our “Signature Services”, we have now implemented the following “Virtual Services” to allow our families to honor their loved ones:

•   Access to Virtual Viewing
•   Live Streaming Graveside Services via webcasting
•   Online Access to Download and Print Memorial Leaflets
•   Signing a Virtual Guest Registry

This system, along with all of our virtual capabilities, allows us to continue to serve our families with the same level of service and commitment we have always offered while ensuring their safety as they celebrate the lives of their loved ones during this critical time.


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