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By Laura Landes

Recognizing the many assets professional women bring to the forefront of business, Santos Moreno, "visionary" of Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers, is helping to reshape a previously male- dominated industry by empowering women to be positioned in these traditional roles. Currently, 85% of our staff is female. This group of motivated individuals chooses not to settle into conventional complacent roles but rather those of high rank and influence, each making our mark and leaving a footprint.

Our titles include but are not limited to Funeral Director, Embalmer, Restorative Artist, Preneed Specialist, Video/Audio Producer, Photographer, Memorial Designer, Accountant, Digital Designer, and at times, Counselor and Mediator. Detail-oriented, highly educated, and striving daily to perfect our various skill-sets, together, we have raised the standards, and the expectations of the level of care and service families receive.

As newcomers to the funeral industry, we are more open to change, meeting the consistently evolving needs of a new generation rather than being bound to the" old school mentality." Motivated by our "personal best" rather than ego, we excel in providing superior customer service while proudly maintaining our positions as wives, mothers, sisters, and friends. We provide compassion and comfort while retaining the leadership qualities families seek in their time of need.

We are leaders in our community, beacons of light in the darkness, strongholds in times of chaos, and always prepared to serve others without hesitation at a moment's notice.

We are indeed a force to behold. We are "The Women in Black."

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