Our Favorite Money Management Tips

A 4-minute read. Today’s posts will cover a few basic money management tips that will allow you to manage your money well in order to care for others and yourself.

As you’ve probably noticed from our blogs and Facebook posts, we talk a lot about:

  • Caring for others

  • Planning1...

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Spring Cleaning: Clean Up Your Body and Mind

3 minute read. This post offers a variety of ways to “clean up” your life and help encourage you to make the most of you!

If you live in West Texas, “spring cleaning” means something a little different to us than it does the rest of the United States. It involves much more1...

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Pre-Planning a Funeral: The Financial Benefits


This post is a 3-minute read. It’s the third in our series about the benefits of pre-planning. If you’re interested in learning the financial benefits of pre-planning a funeral, this post seeks to answer those questions.

In this series, we are covering all the ways that making1...

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