Lake Ridge Chapel has always taken extreme disinfection measures to provide a safe environment for loved ones to receive the closure they need through the viewing process, in order to begin their healing journey. Although we have been practicing these measures for years prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, we feel that it is important to address these issues with our community, given the current situation, in order to ease the minds of those who may have some concerns during this time.

We have created this special web page to keep you informed about our webcasting services, our safety actions and providing informative articles, as well as few things to make you smile.  We will continue to serve families with the same attention to detail, personalized care, and state-of-the-art technology that our community expects and trusts. Stay tuned as we unveil more ways we are making the memory of your loved one our top priority.


Wherever You Are

Just Another Signature Service of Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers.

As anticipation rises in honor of our city’s “reopening,” many are still fearfully aware of the lingering threat to our community, and for good reason. A novel virus as complex and unpredictable as SARS Cov-2 or “COVID-19” as it is most commonly referred to, has in no way diminished, simply because the “shelter-in-place” has been lifted and businesses have reopened. In fact, for some, this false sense of security will create a heightened risk, causing more uncertainty in the months ahead.

As our community becomes more comfortable with new ways of interacting, we will see many things implemented during the quarantine begin to disappear in the coming weeks and months, but there are far more that we will continue to be practiced, such as the wearing of masks, the continuous washing of our hands, keeping a social distance, working from home, virtually “getting together”, contactless deliveries and the implementation of many ideas and innovations that have become so invaluable during this critical time.

Life as we know it may never return to a state of that prior to the Pandemic of 2020, yet in the face of tragedy, a multitude of beautiful things have risen from the trenches. Our Lake Ridge Family feels extremely blessed to have witnessed this rise of humanity from a personal and a professional perspective.

As individuals, we have spent more quality time together, explored new forms of entertainment, found new hobbies, became more involved in our community, cared for one another, supported our first responders, prayed and mourned together and simply learned to appreciate all that we have taken for granted for far too long. As a team of professionals, we rose to the challenge by thinking further “outside the box” to serve our families in ways they would never have imagined.

Having “live-streamed” our services since 2007, we have been able to allow “inside access” for those who were unable to attend services for many years. For those families who are seemingly scattered all over the United States and beyond, this is a priceless gift. Having the support of those around them, along with friends and family possibly thousands of miles away, has proven to be worth its weight in gold.

Because the restrictions were put in place early on, with no end in sight, time was of the essence to establish new and innovative ways to continue to serve our families with the same superior service that they have come to expect. It was through countless hours of brainstorming that we discovered if need be, we can continue to honor those we love through an entirely “virtual” experience. In March, we implemented the technologies and resources necessary, and our vision became a reality.

Today, every chapel service continues to be live-streamed using High-Definition cameras and equipment, and all attendees have access to a Virtual Guest Registry, where they can communicate with the family directly. Likewise, friends and family can leave video messages of their favorite memories, and words of love, and support through our newly added App as well as download, save and print the service memorial folders from our website. Lastly, we have created a unique way to provide well-needed closure by allowing friends and family to participate in the viewing virtually in a genuinely dignified manner.

Having access to these online resources can make all the difference for families who are separated by distance or illness, and during times of crisis. Being proactive in making these resources available allows us to meet you and your family, “Wherever You Are.”

– Laura Landes

We believe every life should be celebrated, and amidst this pandemic, we are providing safe and unique ways for families to honor their loved ones.

FOX34 Lubbock

Covering Our Community with Smiles

During this Pandemic, Lake Ridge has been diligent in remaining #LubbockStrong. Owner, Santos Moreno, hoping to spread a little joy in these uncertain times, distributed smiley face masks to residents and employees of various facilities throughout our great city. Check out our photo gallery to view the happiness!


Webcast Tutorial

Webcast tutorial V4

How to use our Webcasting Service:

  • Open Your Web Browser of Choice
  • Go to the URL bar and type:
  • Hover over “Obituaries” and click it
  • Use the search feature to find your loved one by first or last name and press ENTER
  • Then Click on your loved one’s picture. This will take you to their Obituary Page.
  • Navigate to the video camera icon and click on it.
  • Then click on "Launch Webcast"

Virtual Viewing Tutorial

Virtual Viewing V2

How to Participate in A Virtual Viewing:

  • Open Your Web Browser of Choice
  • Go to the URL bar and type:
  • Find your loved one’s name using the search bar
  • Then Click on your loved one’s picture.
  • Click the VIEWING icon.
  • You will only see the LAKE RIDGE CHAPEL logo until you are ready to begin the Virtual Viewing.
  • Once you click PLAY, you will begin the Virtual Viewing process.

Memorial Leaflet Tutorial

Memorial Leaflet Tutorial

How to View, Save or Print Memorial Leaflet:

  • Open Your Web Browser of Choice
  • Go to the URL bar and type:
  • Find your loved one’s name using the search bar
  • Then Click on your loved one’s picture.
  • Click the LEAFLET icon.
  • If you would like to Share the leaflet with someone else, click on the SHARE icon. Then, click COPY to copy the link which you can then place in an email or text message, if you are using a mobile device.
  • If you would like to Download and/or Print the leaflet, click on the DOWNLOAD icon.
  • You may Save or Print from this screen.

Virtual Guest Registry Tutorial

Virtual Guest Book Tutorial V1

How to Access Our Virtual Guest Registry:

  • Open Your Web Browser of Choice
  • Go to the URL bar and type:
  • Find your loved one’s name using the search bar
  • Then Click on your loved one’s picture. This will take you to their Obituary Page.
  • Click on the GUEST REGISTRY icon
  • Enter your mobile phone number or email address to access the registry
  • Mobile Phone Number or email address by must be entered twice for verification. (These two entries must match)
  • Select the desired method to receive your One-Time Passcode based on the information you have entered.
  • Check email or text message to obtain the passcode and enter it in the box provided
  • Fill in your contact information which allows the family to see that you are virtually attending the service.
  • Click on the SIGN DIGITAL REGISTRY icon.

How to Talk to Children About the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

As the coronavirus spreads across North America and our daily lives are transformed, we all must be aware of the need for good mental-health care. Obviously, it’s a stressful time. Families are confined to their homes. School is canceled. Many businesses are closed. Workers are being laid off in masses, causing financial distress. And then there is the illness itself, COVID-19. Will we or someone we love become critically ill or even die? We are all naturally worried about the “what ifs” and “what nexts.”

The youngest among us are not immune to all of this stress. They sense it in the adults around them, and they see it on social media and other sources of information. Their own day-to-day routines have been completely disrupted.

When it comes to painful, complex realities, it can be difficult to know how much we should share with children. Many people have an instinct to protect kids. But as someone who has worked with and advocated for grieving children for many decades, I’ve learned that what they really need is honesty combined with steadfast care.

Here are a few foundational dos and don’ts.

Follow the child’s lead
Pay attention to what the child seems curious or worried about. For younger children, these concerns may manifest through their play rather than directly. You don’t need to volunteer a lot of information. Instead, invite them to ask questions. And try saying just a little at a time. Children are often satisfied with short answers and small “doses” of information. When they want to know more, they’ll let you know, especially if you are someone who is always straight with them. 

Talk openly and honestly to children about what is happening
It’s important to be honest with children about difficult circumstances. In fact, I often say that children can cope with what they know, but they can’t cope with what they don’t know. Be factual. Talk to them about social distancing and that it’s necessary to keep people safe. Explain to them that it’s mostly elderly people who are at risk of getting really sick or dying. If finances are an issue, it’s good to talk to them about that too. If someone in your family has been affected by the virus, keep the child updated. And if your family finances are being stressed, as they are for so many people right now, try not to overburden your children with this challenge. It’s OK to let them know about the need to curtail unnecessary spending, for example, but also keep in mind that financial issues are grown-up issues. We must be careful not to make children over-worry about this or feel responsible.

Use developmentally appropriate language
Use simple, concrete language when you talk to children about the pandemic. It’s OK to use the words “coronavirus” and “pandemic,” because children are hearing those terms, but you will need to explain them in ways that they will understand. 

Share your feelings
As I said, we are all naturally worried about and disoriented over the pandemic. Circumstances are changing rapidly from day to day, and the future is unknown. Children who spend time with you will pick up on your anxiety, so it’s essential to tell them what you’re worried about. If you don’t, they are likely to imagine even worse scenarios–or think that they are somehow to blame or at risk. And it’s also important that you practice good self-care to manage any severe anxiety you yourself may be having. If your anxiety levels are too high, theirs will be, too. 

Understand magical thinking
Young children are susceptible to what’s called “magical thinking.” They may believe that their thoughts and behaviors can cause bad things to happen. If they didn’t want to talk to Grandma the last time they saw her, for example, and she gets sick, they may secretly believe they caused or contributed to her sickness. So be attuned to any feelings of guilt or shame the children in your care may be hiding, and explain clearly to them that none of this is their fault.

Be patient, kind, and reassuring
Most of all what children need is reassurance that they are being cared for and that their family and others they care about are safe.

Routines help children feel safe, so if their daily routine has been turned upside- down, it’s important to create a new routine. Even if you’re stuck at home, you can still have breakfast together at a certain time and follow a daily schedule. Keeping evening rituals consistent is also essential. And while all of this is going on, try extra hard to be patient and kind. I know it’s extremely challenging to manage children patiently when school and activities are not there to help share the “it takes a village” burden, but keep in mind that your children will likely have strong memories of this strange interlude in their lives, as will you. You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to be caring, consistent, and honest.

It's also important to emphasize to children that lots and lots of grown-up doctors, scientists, and government workers across the world are working to solve the problem. It is our responsibility, not children’s. We are working hard on treatments and vaccines as well as ways to help families who need help. We will get through this.

And I hope you will take advantage of any extra time you have during the quarantine to use for cuddles, hugs, and play. Physical closeness and care go a long way in helping children feel safe and loved. 

About the Author

Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt is a noted author, educator, and grief counselor. He serves as Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition in Fort Collins, Colorado, and is on the faculty at the University of Colorado Medical School’s Department of Family Medicine. Among his many bestselling books are Healing A Child’s Grieving Heart and Finding the Words: How to Talk with Children and Teens about Death, Suicide, Homicide, Funerals, and Other End-of-Life Matters. To order Dr. Wolfelt’s books and for more information, visit

Preplanning provides empowerment during uncertain times.

Did you know that Advanced Planning can be done through email, text or over the phone?  The COVID-19 Pandemic, like other unfortunate “life events”, can provoke fear and uncertainty.  As human beings there are many things in life we cannot control, but there are just as many that we can.

Preparedness is one thing we can absolutely control! Being prepared can empower us and those we love when facing life’s uncertainties. If you are currently considering, or have considered, preplanning for yourself or other family members, please know there are multiple avenues through which this can be accomplished. 

Feel free to reach out to us and we will assist you in reaching this goal.    

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