Hello! Thank you for your interest in our W.I.S.E. newsletter! For those of you who may not know much about WISE, allow us to share with you what this great program is all about.
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Why We Do It:  Throughout our many years of serving families, we’ve come to realize the tremendous need for education — not the kind found in a classroom or a textbook, but the kind derived from life experiences.  Sometimes life comes hurling at you at high speed or blindsides you when you least expect it. It would be nice to have a study guide or a “cheat sheet” when facing some of life’s monumental decisions.

As a service to our community, Lake Ridge Chapel and Memorial Designers offers free workshops known as W.I.S.E., Wisdom Inspired Senior Education.  We began hosting these workshops in May of 2017 and through them, hope to empower our community through knowledge and expertise. The workshops feature local experts with the same sense of servitude who provide free information to our senior community with the vision of enriching lives through the power of education.  

Where it began:  Our first workshop, with five in attendance, was held in one of our arrangement offices. Nathan Ziegler presented “Will or Trust?” and our small group gained a tremendous amount of insight. At that moment, we realized how valuable these workshops could become. At first, our workshops began to grow through word of mouth.  Eventually, many in the community came to understand that this as a place for learning, answers, fellowship, and belonging.

Who is it for:  Our workshops are not only for the senior community but for family members as well. Our goal is to select topics that will benefit all age groups. Often, it is younger members of the family who will have to make decisions for their aging parents and family members. Being “in the know” is crucial for all of us. The “unknowns” of life are only scary when we aren’t prepared. Knowledge is an excellent resource for navigating the challenges facing us in the future.

The impact:  Over the last year and a half, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our attendees. Our members are now taking charge of their health, finances, and discovering new opportunities, interests, and relationships. Many of our members have even discovered some monetary benefits available to them that were previously unknown!

Where we are now: Numerous professionals within our community have reached out to us, offering up their expertise and guidance - so many that we now offer these workshops twice per month! These educational events are now held on the first and third Tuesday of every month, and two to three times per year, we host a 2-hour special event.

A Note About Our Experts: Our local experts, even though paid professionals in their respective areas of expertise, voluntarily give of their time to assist us in providing these highly informative workshops. Each is prescreened, must be a leading expert in their field, and cannot solicit the sale of any service type or merchandise.  This creates a pressure-free zone where our members can obtain information without obligation, allowing for a comfortable, educational forum.

There is something to be said for having a study guide or at least a cheat sheet when facing some of life’s monumental decisions, and we are honored to have you join us as we continue to W.I.S.E. up!

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